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Eligibility Criteria: The player must be an individual or a natural person of more than eighteen years of age. He/she must ensure that he has never been an employee of any UK/US/European or any other international lottery.

Playlottoworld.co.za is not responsible for uncertainties:

  • Any immediate, unforeseen, resulting, unique, exceptional or other loss (direct or indirect) occurs during the process while playing lottery games on our site which is beyond our control such as but without restriction, any act of God, war, attack, lock out, flame, overflow, famine, tempest etc;

  • Loss occurs from the selection of the award or from lawful conditions which create them not available to the Customer for any reason;

  • Any activity or omission of the third celebration messengers used by PLW to obtain the tickets asked for.

Above all, the user is completely responsible to pay the taxes associated with the income generated, if they win lottery games using our site. This depends upon the lottery winnings and in the country in which they have won the prize.

In addition to this, the user must agree and undertakes don’ts:

  • Disrupt, hinder or interfere with any other users entertainment of the Website or associated or connected Web sites;

  • Attempt to disrupt with the security of the Website, or otherwise misuse any of its services, accounts, resources, web servers or systems linked with or accessible through the Website or associated or connected Web sites;

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  • Using the site by making a false or wrong identity

  • Publish bad posts on the site or on the Website dangerous, troublesome information or any viruses;

  • Make sure to inform the playlottoworld.co.za on the distribution of invalid details by PLW to the user of the website. The Customer must inform upon such invoice of invalid details and hereby so waives right of activity for this cause;

  • Do not commit frauds like buying of lotto tickets with a stole credit card